Thursday, January 10, 2013

Is A Bee Pollen Diet Right For You

When looking into any diet you should always consider what your body has rejected or just never worked with before. Most ingredients in the main stream diet pills are very dangerous and hazardous to our bodies and should make us question if using all these toxins is actually helping us or hurting us.
Insane Amp'd is an all natural herb formula. With ingredients like Chinese Yams, Cassia, Aloe, Green Tea, and Bee Pollen! 
All these ingredient's work together to create a powerful appetite suppressant that you are guaranteed to never have experienced before with any other suppressant. Naturally when the body stop's taking in so many calories through the day, it will in turn start to shed a few pounds. With Insane Amp'd, there is NO need to stop eating your normal daily intake. In fact, it suggest that you somehow set a reminder TO eat.
Just think, An actual diet that you don't have to say no to this 

Or worrying that if you have to stop taking these pills you will gain the weight back! There have been many users of Insane Amp'd who have been off of the pill's for over a year and still have not gained any weight back!

Side Affects 
  • Occasional headache
  • Stomach Cramping
  • Dry Mouth
  • Trouble Sleeping
  • Hot Flashes
  • (some cases ) Vomiting
  • Frequent Urination/Bowel Movements 
All of these side affects are very common for the ingredient's that are involved. The headaches are caused by the detoxification your body is going through trying to get rid of all the excess sugar and fat that your body is storing for no reason. The stomach cramping is caused by not only the detoxing, but the shrinking of your abdomen. You will loose weight very rapidly and can feel your body changing fast! Bee Pollen is a very potent ingredient that activates fast in the blood stream. This causes your body to dehydrate so it can start shedding all the water weight your body is carrying and this will cause the dry mouth, which is why it is most necessary to drink plenty of water all through out the day.    Even tho there is no stimulants in these pills, the Green Tea acts as that stimulant, for it has antioxidants that acts as a caffeine which can sometimes cause restlessness. The hot flashes are also caused by the Bee Pollen.

 Here is a link to a great online store +Pure Edge Nutrition 
They are very fast with delivery and have wonderful customer service! 

I am a avid user of Insane Amp'd and truly believe in this product. If you should ever have any questions that you cant find answers to on my blogs please feel free to email me personally Stacey's Direct Email .

Insane Amp'd Week One

In a world full of giraffes, we still manage to feel like an elephant.

Starting a new diet is sometimes nerve racking when you know this is not your first rodeo. All the question marks are still very present as to what is about to come.

If your anything like me, you probably have read and watched every single blog or video about Insane Amp'd before making that decision to finally spend just a few more dollars on one more SUPER MAGIC PILL!!! 
But lucky for you, you finally did come across the right one! You are about to experience the best change in your life within the next couple months.

A few tips before starting your new life.
  • Take a full body shot picture of all sides. 
  • Take a picture of your face.                
  • Make sure you have plenty of water available.                                          
  • Don't buy any new clothes until after your completely done with your weight loss goal.                                
  • Try to stay close to a bathroom for this first week.                                   
The first day taking your first 2 pills of Insane Amp'd, you will notice your appetite go away. So remember that you have to take these pills 30 mins before your fist meal. For some people, you will not feel the pill kick in until 3 to 4 hours after taking it. For others it will be rite away. But no matter when it takes affect, you need to drink water!! I really cant stress that enough. 
I myself did not eat AT ALL the first day I took these pills, simply because I had no appetite. I wasn't even interested in drinking any water. I had cotton mouth all day long and still could not even put a drop of water in my mouth. My friend was there when I received the pills in the mail and asked me if he could try them to. He also had the same affect having no appetite, although he was smart enough to force himself to drink water. Later that night I had started to vomit and was having a horrible hot flash. My friend did NOT experience that part!

Water will become your best friend throughout this journey, so drink it up!

 If you do not experience the frequent bathroom visits rite away don't get discouraged! Everybody is different. Depending on your BMI, it mite take a little more time for the ingredients to kick in. As with any new diet regime, it is always best to consult your doctor about what your doing and taking ex specially if you are on any other medications or are not sure if you are or are not allergic to any of the ingredients in Insane Amp'd.
The bottle also says not to take if pregnant or breastfeeding. It is also NOT OK to take these pills if you have kidney disease. 

In most cases, you will notice 3-7 pounds dropped in your first week!! 
If and when you do have a hot flash, try to get to a cold place or run your hands under some cold water. These pills fire up your metabolism to an extreme and have a tendency to activate the hot flashes when your already in the cold. So being in a warm room when a flash comes on is going to be VERY uncomfortable. 

 If you would like to throw in some exercises with your new diet I would recommend a brisk walk. There is no need to exercise at all while taking Insane Amp'd because it will fire up your whole body to do the work from the inside. But I know for some people not exercising is not an option.

I hope that these little tips will help you with your journey. If this is your first time reading my blog and would like to know what online store I recommend here is the link Pure Edge Nutrition . They are a great company with the most up to date products with authentication stickers on every bottle of Insane Amp'd. 

I am a avid user of Insane Amp'd and would be happy to answer any questions you have about the pills that you could not find the answer to on my page. Stacey's Direct Email